Shalom-Style Women’s Retreat. Nov 9th-12th

Join us for a Shalom style retreat for all those identifying as women, Nov 9-12, 2017.
This is an exciting and challenging time. Many of the old, established ways of doing and seeing things have already, or are now starting, to crumble from our lives and societies.
We are also transitioning into longer days of darkness, which brings with it a time for introspection, a gathering and learning from our past experiences, and of planting seeds for the future with intention.
We are in the perfect time to gather, to accept the challenge to love our way through life, to create new pathways for ourselves and leave old ones behind.
If you, or someone you know is …
  • in a time of transition
  • looking for inspiration for a new way forward
  • looking for a loving community to belong to, be held in and seen by
  • feeling lost, insecure or low
  • grieving a loss
  • struggling with feeling or showing emotion
  • wants to be held in the arms of Spirit
  • wants to celebrate life and dance
  • craving healthy, nourishing food and company
  • needs to spend time out of the city surrounded by nature and beauty
  • interested in body style therapy and energy therapy
… then please consider giving yourself or someone you love the gift of this retreat.
Expect a truly profound experience that will stimulate and awaken your heart in soul filling ways. Expect a reflection of the truth of who you are.
The retreat starts Thursday at 5pm and will be held at Tashina retreats, 45min north of Toronto. It ends on Sunday at 3pm.
The cost is $600 to attend – it includes food, accommodation and process work. $150 is required to hold your spot. (If cost is an issue, some bursaries exist)
Please contact Jen Polo with any interest or questions:
Jen Polo intimately believes that our physical bodies, and the vast energy system surrounding and interpenetrating our bodies, are continuously trying to guide us towards absolute health.
She walks in the worlds of the in between – helping people find their way back to wellness by understanding and working with the ways in which they’ve forgotten the truth about their own divinity.
Jen pulls from all aspects of her life experience and training to offer healing and counsel on many levels in her private practice Heartspaces located in downtown Toronto.
Leaning heavily on her 15 year mindfulness practice, 9 year relationship with plant medicine, her own spiritual cosmology and Shalom Mountain training, Jen practices from a place of compassion, intuition and empathy first.
Her Shalom Retreats offer deep, transformative emotional, mental and energetic healing. Many participants have found at Shalom the pivotal life shift that has helped them find and sustain a healthier and more joy filled life, Jen included.
Jen also is currently completing her 4th year at the renowned Barbara Brennan School for Healing as well as a Shamanic Practitioner course. She is deeply humbled by her life path and considers herself a student for life.